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Teaching Reading 
 From An Interactive Perspective
By Nada Salem Abisamra

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A Content Analysis of Four Reading Comprehension Software Programs
By Julia Bustamante and Chrissie Welch

by Virginia P. Collier, George Mason University

Adult Second-Language Reading
Research: How May It Inform Assessment and Instruction?

Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School
Instructor: Susan K. Ridout

America Reads

AskERIC- Reading

Beginning Reading Instruction
A Position Paper on Beginning Reading Instruction in Canadian Schools
University of Western Ontario Canadian Psychological Association

Beginning Reading - Introduction
by Rachel Garb


Bloom’s Hierarchy of Test Questions

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) -
Second Language Assessment- University of Minnesota

Two (2) Semester Hours credit Instructor: Dr. Robert Taylor, LC 230, 388-8318

Directions in Language and Education

EDUCATION LIBRARY - Information Literacy

Effective Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension (Excellent)
Nell K. Duke and P. David Pearson
Michigan State University

EFL Extensive Reading Instruction: Research and Procedure

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading English & Communication

Exploring Second Language Reading: Issues and Strategies (Good book to read)
Neil Anderson (1999)- Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle Publishers

Getting Students More Personally Involved: An Alternative to the Yakudoku-
and Lecture-Dominated Methods of Teaching Literature and Reading

Guided Reading- Jeanne Morris

How to Get the Most Out of Reading Your Textbook

Interactive Approaches to Second Language Reading
Edited by: Patricia Carrell, Joanne Devine, David Eskey
Cambridge ; Cambridge Unversity Press, 1988.

International Reading Association- Reading Research Quarterly

Literacy Assessment Techniques
Cooper (1997, p. 559)

Metalinguistic Transfer in Spanish/English Biliteracy
Jill Kerper Mora- San Diego State University

Online Extensive Reading Opportunities
for Lower-Level Learners of EFL/ESL

Promoting Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement through Cooperation. ERIC Digest.

Reading and Literacy Digests- ERIC

Reading Comprehension Instructional Strategies - Elementary Level

Reading Comprehension Instructional Strategies - Secondary Level

Reading Comprehension: Strategies for Its Improvement in Grades 6-12
Bibliography- Citations From the ERIC Database

Reading in a Second Language- What Every Teacher Needs to Know
Jill Kerper Mora, Ed.D. - San Diego State University

Reading in the Bilingual Classroom: Literacy and Biliteracy
Kenneth Goodman- Yetta Goodman- Barbara Flores

Reading Intervention Strategies

Reading is Fundamental

Reading, Language, Culture, and Ethnic Minority Students
Jon Reyhner and Ward Cockrum - Northern Arizona University

Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies in the Content Area- Teacher Tips Online
This chart represents various reading strategies and when they can be used.

Reading Strategies Notebook

Reading with a Purpose: Communicative Reading Tasks for the Foreign Language Classroom. ERIC Digest.

Research on Text Comprehension in Multimedia Environments
Dorothy M. Chun- University of California, Santa Barbara
Jan L. Plass- University of New Mexico
Language Learning & Technology- Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1997, pp. 60-81

Schema Theory and Comprehension Studies For Reading Teachers
Arranged by Dr. Verlinda Thompson

Secondary Reading Strategies (Excellent)
Jim Paterno (2001)

Second-language Reading and Biliteracy Instruction Bibliography

Sheltered English Instruction. ERIC Digest.

Skilled Reading: Top-Down, Bottom-Up
Paul Abraham
Field Notes- Vol 10- #2

Study Guides and Strategies

Study Skills

Teaching Critical Reading through Literature
Prepared by: Norma Decker Collins
ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication Digest #86

Teaching ESL Reading Using Computers
Saad AlKahtani- Indiana University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Teaching Reading
A Balanced, Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Reading in Prekindergarten Through Grade Three
State Superintendent of Public Instruction- California State Board of Education

Teaching Reading in a Foreign Language. ERIC Digest.

Teaching Reading in a Learning Assistance Center
David C. Caverly, Ph.D.
Paper presented at the 19th Annual Conference of the Winter Institute for Learning Assistance Professionals, Tucson, AZ, Jan. 9, 1997

Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language (2nd ed.)
Christine Nuttall, with chapter on testing reading by J. Charles Alderson (1996)
Oxford: Heinemann English Language Teaching

TESL: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Second Language Class and Correction Techniques.

Text Organization and Its Relation to Reading Comprehension: A Synthesis of the Research
Shirley V. Dickson- Deborah C. Simmons- Edward J. Kameenui-
University of Oregon

The Strategic Teaching and Reading Project
The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)- Illinois

Transfer Effects of Repeated EFL Reading on Reading New Passages: A Preliminary Investigation

TurboRead- Speed Reading

Understanding Text- Reading to Learn Institute
Reading Activities (Before, During & After Reading Activities)

Using Collaborative Strategic Reading
by Janette K. Klingner and Sharon Vaughn

Using computer technology to make students better and more motivated
Randall Donaldson and Margaret Haggstrom
Modern Languages and Literatures, Loyola College in Maryland

US Department of Education

What Does Research Say About Reading?
R.A. Knuth and B.F. Jones-- NCREL, Oak Brook, 1991

What Heuristic Analysis of Bilingual Readers' Performance Tells Us About Second-language Reading
Jill Kerper Mora- San Diego State University
Paper presented at the National Reading Conference- Orlando, Florida- December 2, 1999

Whole Language Reading Instruction

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