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 Job vacancies can be found at the following recruitment consultant and employment agency sites.

New Zealand   Australia   International 


A US job vacancy site which also contains internships and volunteer vacancies.
An employment service for those looking for outdoor adventure work. 
Adventures in Hospitality Careers 
An employment service for those looking for work in the hospitality industry. 
America's Employers
Contains a list of links to employment recruiters and job vacancy sites.
America's Job Bank
A huge resource for job seekers and employers, which also contains links to America's Talent Bank and Career InfoNet.
Employment information in the technical, business, financial and professional fields. Especially targets Japanese, Chinese and Korean-speaking job seekers. 
Career Mosaic
A site providing international job vacancy links, and other career resources and links.
Job listings, career planning resources, on-line job fairs, and direct links to over 27,000 US employers. 
Job listings from newspapers and employer websites, tips on job hunting and a wide range of career resources.
Job listings by category, location or employer.
Cool Jobs
A list of more unusual jobs vacancies such as Zamboni Driver and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.
A vacancy site which can be searched through by job or company. Also contains an on-line resume writer.
HotWired - Dream Jobs
Details of HotWired's version of 'dream jobs'.
A US career and job information website specialising in entry-level positions.
A recruitment service based in the United States with connections to over 2,500 recruitment agencies worldwide.
A US site including a search for jobs and employers, and a resume-posting service.
Job postings and employer profiles from the National Association of Colleges and Employers website.
Maritime Jobs
A US job vacancy site advertising marine industry work from around the world.
NationJob Network
A job vacancy web site containing current job listings and company profiles.
A job search and recruitment web site containing current job listings and company profiles.
OneWorld Action
A vacancy list for OneWorld - A community of over 200 leading global justice organisations.
Online Career Centre
A US job information website with a worldwide searchable database, and career and job information for both employers and job seekers. 
Prospects - employers and jobs
A UK site which includes a general vacancy listing and a teaching vacancy listing. 
The CareerBuilder Network
A US site containing vacancy listings and general career information.
The Monster Board UK
A UK career and job information website.
A Canadian site containing links to other job vacancy sites.
Health Sector:
British Medical Journal
An on-line resource for health professionals. Contains job classifieds, but applicants must satisfy UK medical registration and immigration requirements before applying. 
US job vacancies and health career resources.
Health Care Recruitment
A US site covering healthcare vacancies.
Information Technology:
American Jobs
A US site containing a database of Hi-Tech Computer and Engineering jobs.
Careers at IDG
A US IT company IDG's job listing website.
First Steps in the Job Hunt
A US IT recruitment site which includes a large web resume database.
A US IT job vacancy and recruitment service.
Volunteer Work:
Volunteer Services Abroad (VSA)
A current vacancy listing for voluntary work abroad. 
Teaching and Projects Abroad
A site offering placements for people in various fields, including teaching, medicine and tourism. 

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