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Once Upon a Kingdom...
         Once upon a time, King James ruled over his vast kindom of Adams.  His lands proved profitable, the people lead pleasant lives and through the teachings of his father, King James achieved the same state of prosperity as the Kings before him.  His father taught him well in the ways of the royal family.  How to rule, stratigies of war and productivity, and dealing with what is best for the people.  King James only hoped that his only son, Prince Timothy, would continue this same state of happiness within the kingdom during his own time of rule.  However, Prince Timothy, at 15, had not appeared to inhereit the royal desire to rule and learn.  He never wanted to join King James for the Royal Advisement meetings, or deal with other aspects of the crown.  Timothyís interests seemed to be focused on his new found games, which he played all day in his room.  This problem greatly troubled the King daily.

         One day, King James discovered this new game just released into the market.  It simulated war, battle and other aspects of ruling a country, claiming that it helpped to stimulated childrenís minds to think, plan, and work out stratigies for war and basic economics.  King James believed this game would be a wonderful gift for his son; it could teach him how to rule a kingdom without sitting through the long meetings and other activities.  He would be learning on his own rather that on demand and in a way that held his interest.  King James bought the game, immediatly taking it home to his son.  Timothy love the new entertainment, it began to consume all his time so that the family never saw him.    Timothy mastered all the challenges of the game, the stratigies and economic hurdles associated with the game.  Though the family never saw their young prince, the were thrilled at his new interest and the learning he accomplished through this exciting game.

         As time past, the king grew older and became ill.  Prince Timothy soon took over the royal duties of King due to his fatherís ailment.  But, as Timothy dealt with the kingdom and its people, it quickly became evident to the people that he possessed no social skills as a politician.  He could not interact with people and listen to what they were saying or what they wanted.  He knew the basic theories, but those theories didnít support life.  Timothy was clueless when it came to people.  He didnít know how to listen to his Royal Advisors, or deal in politics.  He only understood how to win a strategic war, and create a commerical society.  But these skills werenít enought to maintain the Kingdom of Adams.   As King James lie on his death bed, he realized the mistake he had made.  Though Timothy had enjoyed his learning experience, he had not been force to deal with the people.  He shut himself away in his room only to discover that the world was very different from a game.  King James cried as his kingdom fell apart from the lack of communication between the people and the government.  If only Timothy had been shown more of the world and less of a game, maybe the kingdom would survive in glory rather than fall to pieces in sadness.

Moral:  Advances in technology and new ideas, though they make things easier, are not the complete answer for they discourage human interaction and take away the personal level of society.