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Student Project Pages

Whitney Chamberlin
Fatou Darboe
Curtiss Grymala
Holly Heflin
Shea Hockenshith
Danny McCaslin
Elizabeth Pearson
Ryan Swope
Jeremy Uldrich
Margaret Ways
Audrey Williams

Sample Progymnasmata Exercises

#1: The Fable
#2: The Tale
#3: The Encomium
#4: The Invective
#5: The Mock Encomium
#6 The Confirmation
#7 The Refutation

Sample Papers

Sample Synthesis Paper
Sample Critical Analysis Paper (a): "Deductive Reasoning in Nation and Race"
Sample Critical Analysis Paper (b): "Logical Fallacies in Nation and Race"
Sample Critical Analysis Paper (c): "A Critical Analysis of 'In Defense of Prejudice'"
Sample Argument Paper (a): "The Pro-Imigration Argument"
Sample Argument Paper (b): "TV Monitoring Devices are Not Substitutes for Parents"
Sample Research Paper: "To V or Not to V, That Is the Question"

Additional Readings for "Cop Killer" Unit

Lyrics to "Cop Killer" by Ice-T
Time-Warner Runs up the White Flag, by Jon Katz
  "My Favorite Amendments," by Charleton Heston
"Ice-T: The Issue is Social Responsibility," by Michael Kinsley

Class Notes and Handouts

Common Assumptions that Rhetoricians Reject
Ice-T: The Issue is Responsibility
Deductive Reasoning
Inductive Reasoning
Logical Fallacies
Thesis Statements
Sample Paper #1: Machiavelli: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Sample Paper #2 (No Transitions)
Sample Paper #2 (With Transitions)
Ten Writing Myths