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Refutation & Confirmation
Life After Life.

Life after Life??? What a joke! How could any sain person believe that once they are dead, their "Soul" will just go to Heaven--or to Hell!! On which scientific proof are people based when they say that? What happens to flowers? to animals? Will they go to Heaven too?!!
"Be good, you will be rewarded when you die; you will go to Heaven, not to Hell." This is a sentence that we repeatedly hear throughout our life, especially in our childhood. We live our life in fear, afraid to do anything wrong lest we should go to Hell. What is Hell??? If there really were a God that loves us all, just as parents love their children, and much more, would he send us to "Hell" if we misbehaved?? Would any parent send his child to Hell??? So how can we say that God would do that??? Is there Hell?? What is Hell? Is there God??? How do we know? We accept everything on earth hoping to be rewarded "later on." What a pity! There is no "later on!" There is just "Here" and "Now". Ever since the dawn of humanity, people have been trying to prove there is Life after Life. "When we die, our Soul goes through a dark tunnel, then, if we were good, we reach the light. We go to a place where there is only Love, only Happiness." No one has ever succeeded in proving that, why not???
There is No Life after Life, that's why! Our life stops the moment our heart stops beating. That's it. Could you imagine all those generations going to Heaven or to Hell?? Where would they stay? there would surely be a biiig traffic-jam!
Live your life to the fullest, do everything you want to do here, on earth, before you die, and don't you let anyone convince you of unproven things!