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Forever And Ever, Amen

                  Don Schlitz/Paul Overstreet

                  You may think that I'm talking foolish
                  You've heard that I'm wild and I'm free
                  You may wonder how I can promise you now
                  This love that I feel for you
                  Always will be

                  You're not just time that I'm killing
                  I'm no longer one of those guys
                  As sure as live
                  This love that I give
                  Is gonna be yours until the day that I die
                  Oh baby

                  I'm gonna love you forever
                  Forever and ever, amen
                  As long as old men sit and talk about the weather
                  As long as old women sit and talk about old men
                  If you wonder how long I'll be faithful
                  (I'll be happy to tell you again/Just listen to how this song ends)
                  I'm gonna love you
                  Forever and ever
                  Forever and ever amen

                  They say time takes its toll on a body
                  Makes a young girl's brown hair turn gray
                  Well, honey, I don't care
                  I ain't in love with your hair
                  And if it all fell out
                  I'd love you anyway

                  Well, they say time can play tricks on a memory
                  Make people forget things they knew
                  Well, it's easy to see
                  It's happening to me
                  I've already forgotten every women but you
                  Oh baby