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Web Site Design

Using HTML and FrontPage 2000



Check out these resources for more information on building web sites and using MS FrontPage.



Images and Format


Web Designer Sites


HTML Writers Guild -
The HTML Writers Guild is the world's largest international organization of Web authors with over 103,000 members in more than 150 nations worldwide.

World Wide Consortium -
Official web site of the W3C.

W3C HTML Validation Service -
This is an easy-to-use HTML validation service based on an SGML parser. It checks HTML documents for compliance with W3C HTML Recommendations and other HTML standards. 

List of Special Character Codes for HTML -

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Microsoft FrontPage Site - News on MS FrontPage.

Microsoft Developers Network Web Workshop -
Technical and developer support.   Downloads and resources.

The Microsoft Knowledge Base (for thorny technical questions) 

FrontPage Folders
A description of their contents and use.

Hosting FrontPage Server Extensions
If you want to host the FrontPage and Microsoft Office Server Extensions on your own server, visit this new site that helps you implement and manage them:

How do I use FrontPage to generate web code, 
then load my web to a server without FrontPage extensions loaded.

Publish Microsoft Access 97 Data Using FrontPage -
Using Active Server Pages Technology to Display Microsoft Access Data -

Creating download packages.  Read this white paper that ties the processes together
Look here -->
for a short history of code downloading

CAB Inc.
Samples and sample code for interesting special effects using Microsoft products. 
Caution, some of these samples are not cross-browser!

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Web Safe / Browser Safe Colors at:

Efficient use of images
How can I use inline images without alienating visitors?

Web Style Sheets

A discussion/tutorial on the use of style sheets at:

Generic Font Families
serif, san serif,cursive, fantasy, monospace

Art Today - free and for sale, good image-based articles

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Bitlaw -
BitLaw is a comprehensive Internet resource on technology law, 
containing over 1,800 pages on patent, copyright, trademark, and Internet legal issues. 

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Browser / Feature Compatibility Chart chart/, great articles on tricks and techniques -
Resource library & lots of ads.

Bandwidth Conservation Society

HWG Web AccessibilityCenter

Web Grrls International -
The women's tech knowledge connection.  "Empowering women through technology."

Hot Wired's Web Monkey -
Tips, lessons, resources, and laughs.

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Web Site Design Intermediate Using HTML and FrontPage 2000
Instructor - Margaret E. Meier

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