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Subject: FED 661 Assignment
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 12:07:18 -0600
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FED 661
Time is moving on and you probably need to know where you need to be with
the course.

You should be nearly complete with your collection of articles regarding
your proposal.

Go ahead and start writing your review of lit section of the proposal.  This
takes the greatest amount of time.  The review should summarize the results
of others who have conducted similar studies.

See the WEB CT examples of proposals for examples of how to type the review
of lit.

You should have read the articles on WEB CT and be able to critique them
according to the criteria listed in WEB CT.

There is a new WEB CT page regarding STATS.  Review the cite and see if you
understand according to the text.  If you have questions bring them to

Remember time is running out. If you do not start now on your proposal it
will be difficult for you.


H. N. Williford, Ed.D., FACSM
Human Performance Laboratory
PO Box 244023
Auburn University Montgomery
Montgomery, AL 36124
Fax:  334 244 3472
Pone 334 244 3548

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