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Subject: FFED 661
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:47:33 -0600
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Greeting from 661.

Where should you be in the course:

You should  have a collection of journal articles related to your research

You should be reading the chapters in the text related to statistics.Chapt 5

I have upgraded the WEB CT page.
you can assess it from:


There are two examples of articles there.

From the two articles see if you can determine the following:
1.  Purpose of the studies.
2. Hypothesis (may have multiple)
3.  Define the samples and population
4.  Identify all variables independent and dependent
5. Type data nominal, ordinal, interval, ration
6.  What measurement instruments were used (validity and reliability)
7.  What type research is this, type design
8.  Describe the research methods
9. Discuss the writing style
10.  Is this journal APA,  evaluate the references

You can get to the articles with WEB CT.  They are listed under the
examples.  Print them and bring them to class.

You can also get to the articles directly from the WEB however this is
slightly more complicated:
go to
you will see National Forum Journals
Go to the Applied Educational Research
National Forum of Applied Educational Research Current Issue

From the Current Issue
Review the Articles:
Effects of All-Day, and Half-Day Kindergarten Programming on Reading,
Writing, Math, and Classroom Social Behavior

The Relationship Between The Dropout Rate and The unemployment Rate

Good luck

H. N. Williford, Ed.D., FACSM
Human Performance Laboratory
PO Box 244023
Auburn University Montgomery
Montgomery, AL 36124
Fax:  334 244 3472
Pone 334 244 3548

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