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Don't Hang Up!

Don't Hang Up!

These pages feature typical phone conversations overheard in a small travel firm.
You can practise your telephone skills by listening in RealAudio and following their words in the transcript.
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Hear how the staff of Ken Leigh Travel deal with their customers over the phone. Use the 'back' and 'next' buttons to move through the conversations:
"I'd like to speak to someone about flights" "Put me through, please"
"Can I just take your name please?"

"Could you spell your name, please?"
( practise speaking in-between the gaps )

"Can I leave a message?"
"Don't hang up!" "Could you just give me your name?"
"I phoned you three days ago..." "Can I take a message..."
"Why haven't I heard from you?" "He said to tell you"
"Are you through?" "I'll get back to you later"
"I've tried three times..."

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