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Section II

Beginning ESL Lessons and Accompanying Teacher Training Modules

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This Section contains 11 ESL lessons and the teacher training modules which will enable you to teach them. If you follow the training modules carefully, step by step, you should be able to learn some of the basic techniques for teaching ESL as you teach.

 In preparing each lesson, first go to the lesson part. This contains the actual material which you will be teaching to your students. Examine the lesson carefully, beginning with the objectives; read the dialog and then the practice exercises. Next go to the training module which is intended to accompany that lesson. Each module begins with an objective and a statement of purpose. Then it outlines step-by-step procedures for preparing a particular part of the lesson and instructions for teaching it. follow these procedures carefully.

 NOTE: Each lesson should be duplicated or photo-copied in advance for all students. Encourage your students to compile their lessons in a notebook to be studied at home.