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Subject: Asssignment #1 Operant Conditioning (Diane L. Henry)
Posted by: DIANE HENRY on 13:38:47 6/11/99:

Abstract-The subjects in this experiment is(my two daughter).I will attempt to get my two daughterto remove they shoes at the front door and place the shoes in a basket designated for shoes. They alwways run straight in the house with their shoes on, dirty or not. I will use positive reinforcement to shape and change they behavior.The behavior I wanted to change improve greatly in just one week and by the end of the second week my younger daughter was telling the oldest daugther to place her shoes in the basket.

Purpose-To have my daughter take off their shoes at the front door and place them in the designated basket.The behavior i wanted to change or put a stop too, was them running through the house with their shoes on.

Method-Each day for three days straight I personally told my daughters if they remove their shoes at the front door and place them in the designated basket I would let them choose and control the television for an hour.I explained that would be their reward and if they didn't remove their shoes we would watch the new for an hour together.The first day my oldest daughter thougth it was a game and my youngest daughter was not concern at all about her shoes or the designated bakest. By the second day they were incomplete game mode (such as who would remember to take off their shoes and place them in the designated basket first).

Results-Diring the first week my daughters were happy and just playing their personal game of shoes in basket. I one week I had acheived a positive 70% increase in their behavior surrounding shoes in their designated place and the running .
During the second week my daughters were removing and placing their shoes in the basket without me saying or promising anying , Ihad achieve a 100% cooperation in their behavior change without any punishment or consequences. They were enjoying being big girls.

Chart:(A week in this chart is equal to seven full days)

Oldest and youngest daughter

Week 1

Numbers of times they played in the game
Numbers of times they responsed

Week 2
Number of times they played in the game
Number of times they responsed without coaching

Conclusion: Operant Conditioning thought postive reinforcement is great it cut out alot of hair fulling and sreaming with behavior problems. My daughter was very willng to pacticate in the experiment and they though it was game. they even had their own agenda to what television show they were going to watch. This really help me out alot too. All willing subjects behavior patterns can change with positive reinforcement.


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